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Find the perfect fit for you.

Gender Neutral Cutting & Styling Services

30 min session

Clipper cut or very short pixie cut & style. 


Short hair blowdry & style

1 hr session

All over trim or transformational cut & style.


Medium to long blowdry & style.


Any upstyle for a special event. 

Torey Dean & Alison Bradshaw are your go-to stylits for this service!


Color Services

Root retouch & all over colour

Camoflauges or fully covers grey hair. We can just do the roots, or bring a colour or toner all the way to your ends.

Roots and brightening

Covers your grey, and also brightens. We can add some foil highlights, or balayage peices to create dimension with an lighter appearance.

Blonding, Brightening Sessions

We can create a minimal amountof blonding (2 hour session), moderate amount of blonding (3 hour session), or maximum amount of blonding (4 hour session). This is fully customizable and suited to the clients desires.

Nano Extensions

Extension consultation

With every nano extension client, Amy has an indepth consultation that goes over colour matching, haircare and maintenance.

Extension install

This service is for those who have already been colour matched for nano extension hair. The timing of this service varies depending on the amount of hair being installed and the density of the clients natural hair. This appointment cannot be booked online, only in person during your consulation.

Extension maintenance 

This appointment is for those who already have nano extensions installed and need them freshed up!

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