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W+B Careers

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The W+B is saloning differently, we are excited to share what that means with you!


What is W+B doing differently? 

The Wave + Bar Hair Boutique believes your brand and unique hair artistry style is what makes you successful. The old school hair industry mentality is no longer working, and we are embracing modern ways to #salondifferently. We support our co-artists in their own unique specailties and give them the tools they need to grow a successful business brand  within the salon. ​

We strongly believe providing freedoms to co-artists elevates salon morale, builds  confidence, enccourages them to step outside the salon industry norms and re-ignite their artistic passion.


Ashley Jones

Unlimited time off

Create your own schedule

Charge your own rate

Your clients are your clients



No bench marks

No product charges

All taxes paid for you

All back-bar provided

Unlimited Growth

Increase pricing anytime

Work more or work less

Open door policy

Sell any products you want

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